Makeup only

$250    Luxury - Includes premium lashes, day of face mask, lip kit

$175    Master or Senior Artist 

$125    Support Artist


Hair only

$175    Master Stylist

$150    Senior Stylist

$125    Support Stylist  


Trial Run

$100   Makeup only

$100   Hair only

$200   Makeup + Hair


Attendant - Age 14 and older

Makeup only

$115   Master Artist

$100   Senior or Support Artist


Hair only

$115   Master Stylist

$100   Senior or Support Stylist


Mothers & Grandmothers

$50    Makeup only - Applies to natural makeup only

$75    Hair only - Applies to shoulder length or shorter  

$20    Lash add on

Youth Attendant - Age 6 - 13 

$25    Makeup only - Mascara, lip gloss, blush

$25    Hair only

Flower Girl

$25    Hair only

$35    Hair and light makeup



$50     Grooming (extra short hair, complexion touch up)                      $20     Lashes                                                        

$25     Clip-in Hair extension application                                          $100   Touch ups                                                  

$100   Additional  Stylist/Artist                         

$25+  Tattoo Coverage                                      

$25+   Body coverage (scarring, blemishes, etc.)                                        

$50     Spray tan                                              


PLEASE NOTE: All hair styling is dry styling only. Some Artists offer airbrush foundation and spray tanning in Seattle or surrounding metro areas.


-Travel/On location Fees-

There is a $25 minimum fee, and will increase depending on location and travel time. We do not determine the fees based on mileage, rather it is based on the time it takes to travel to and from the getting ready location. We no longer offer our Studio for large parties to get ready.


-Photo Session-

Engagement, Boudoir, Senior, etc..            

$200   Makeup and hair

$125   Makeup only

$100   Hair only             

$50     Each additional ‘look’ or style change

-Special Occasion-

$125   Makeup only

$125   Hair only

$200   Makeup and hair

These rates apply to in Studio and an On Location fee will be charged to travel on site.  

-Elopements and Travel-

Please inquire for destination packages, travel accommodations and out of State rates. We currently Have Stylists & Artists stationed all over the Pacific Northwest and Central Washington, such as Seattle, Spokane, Chelan, Leavenworth and Portland.


-Service locations-

Arizona, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles + SoCal, San Diego, Seattle, Palm Springs, Paris and Puerto Vallarta/Sayulita. BUT we are available for travel anywhere and would love to add more locations to our list and put a stamp on our passports!

 Seattle | Los Angeles | Palm Springs | Spokane | Leavenworth | Portland 

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