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Bride/Main Person

(She, Her, They, Them)


Master - $250

Luxury - $300* 

*Includes lashes, lip concierge &

extensive skin prep

Attendant/Additional People age 13+ (She,Her,They,Them)

Minimal - $95 (The NO MAKEUP Look)

Master Artist - $125

Luxury - $150*

*Includes lashes, extensive skin prep

Youth Attendant/Personage 12-

$25 - Each service

Light Grooming - $50

(Typically for He/Him/They/Them /NB - Is often provided for Mothers or Grandmothers who want barely there/less than minimal makeup)

Trial Run - $150 each service

The Luxury Packages are required to book Hannah, Yessie or Magdalena

Bride/Main Person

(She, Her, They, Them)


Master Stylist - $200

Luxury - $250

Attendant/Additional People age 14+

(She, Her, They, Them)

Short Hair (above ears) - $100*

Long Hair (below ears) - $125

Youth Attendant/Personage 12-

$25 - $50

Grooming/Light styling - Short hair

(Typically for He/Him/They/Them /NB - Is often provided for Mothers or Grandmothers who want barely there/less than minimal styling)


Blowout - $75

This can be a separate service,

or an add on - Not all stylists provide this

Trial Run - $150

The Luxury packages are required to book Hannah Yessie or Magdalena


Engagement, Boudoir, Senior, etc.

Makeup - $150

Hair - $150

Light Grooming - $100

Each additional look - $50


Special Occasion*

Makeup - $150

Hair - $150

*Rates apply to in Studio Services only.

An on location/travel fee might incur

Trial Run (Makeup or Hair) $150

Lashes - $20

Clip in Hair Extension application - $25

Touch ups - $100 per 30 minutes

Additional Artist/Stylist - $100 - $150

Tattoo coverage - $25+

Body coverage - $25+

Location change - $25 - $75

Beauty Lesson $200

Ask for details

Inquire for:

Spa/Esthetician services

Lash Extensions


Spray Tanning


As well as Tooth Gems!

Although we travel to any location (who wouldn't, right?), we currently have Artists/Stylists stationed in Seattle, Spokane, Coeur D'Alene, Portland, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, Zion and all of Washington State, including the Pacific Northwest. We have an infinite love affair with destination Weddings and Elopements and consider them to be our specialty!


We charge a minimum travel fee of $50 for any location outside of The Style Studio, and travel rates are based on time rather than mileage. Some Elopements or Destination Events require overnight accommodations, a ferry or air travel and we charge accordingly. Travel fees do fluctuate depending on location and date/Season. 

Please inquire with us on how to incorporate a 'Partner Package'. This could be either two Bride/Main Person Styling sessions or Main Person & Partner. 

We offer an appreciation discount to Essential Workers such as Military Personnel (retired or active), Medical Professionals, Teachers & Emergency Responders. We value the work you do!


Please note the discount only applies to the Main Person receiving services and does not include travel or Trial Run.

The Luxury Services for the Main Person are required for any Elopement or Destination Weddings.

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